It is paramount to think outside the box when releasing music, art or any product of passion in our ephemeral and massive culture. With constant communication how do you showcase an idea so that someone can stop and connect?

Here at Wheelkick, our singular focus is to give the artist and/or brand both the freedom and the means to create their work.  We achieve this, all the while, designing the very best way to celebrate and share them with the most fitting audience creating a listener and customer for life.

We started as a small record label and have grown into a full service consulting, branding and development house for both companies and musicians large and small. For our brands we integrate music and branding in a way that elevates our clients and highlights the art. For our artists we curate a path that leads to a thriving and self-sustaining career. Both of Wheelkick’s specialties feed off of one another as a 360-degree enterprise.

We are not thinking outside of the box. We are thinking outside the world of boxes.